Blue Chip Green Cleaning

About Blue Chip Green Cleaning

Blue Chip Green Cleaning is committed to providing effective and budget-conscious cleaning services while improving the health of our environments. Our employees are thoroughly trained to implement these green cleaning procedures:

  • Properly dilute, use, and store biodegradable cleaning products
  • Properly use and maintain cleaning equipment and supplies to reduce cross-contamination
  • Utilization of high efficiency vacuums that use HEPA filtration
  • Microfiber cloths are used for dusting on all surfaces to effectively remove all dirt and dust, not relocate it
  • Implement preventative maintenance to keep the environment in prime condition, with the need for fewer chemicals
    • ie. When vacuuming is done daily, carpet cleaning is needed less frequently, thus reducing the number of chemicals being used on carpets
  • Thoroughly clean kitchens and bathrooms to prevent standing water and the growth of microbes and bacteria
Blue Chip Green Cleaning

The Green Philosophy

Green cleaning begins with using cleaning products that are safer for the environment, strong commercial equipment, and detail-oriented processes to ensure the health and safety of your restaurants in which employees work and customers visit. It means storing environmentally friendly products properly, using them properly, and disposing of them properly. Our personnel is thoroughly trained to implement all green cleaning processes and procedures.

Benefits of Green Cleaning

Poor indoor air quality created by toxic cleaning agents affects the health and safety of your employees. Green cleaning, with its environmentally friendly products, improves air quality, and lessens the risk of accidents, fires, spills, and explosions. There are financial benefits too. When air quality improves, the people in the environment are healthier. This means decreased absenteeism and increased productivity. Healthy employees are also happier employees, especially when they recognize that owners and managers are taking proactive measures to ensure their well-being.

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